Flexi Book Plus (AFB+) – Cancel for no reason


According to the airline's rules, airline tickets are usually non-refundable.

With our Flexi Book Plus (AFB +) service, you can, however, receive a cancellation guarantee from us, which guarantees you a refund of up to 80% of your airline ticket(s).

If during the booking process you add and buy our service Flexi Book Plus (AFB +) - Cancel without reason, you can after the time of booking contact us to cancel your booking, regardless of reason and instead receive a refund of 80% of the flight ticket price.

The terms of our Flexi Book Plus (AFB +) service are set out in the sections below

As AFB + (cancel for no reason) is our own service (you can not use this service by contacting the Service Provider directly), all cancellations for using the AFB + service must be made via our customer service.

We do not charge any administrative fees in the event of a voluntary cancellation with Flexi Book Plus (AFB +) - Cancel without reason

General Terms of service for Flexi Book Plus (AFB+)  

All cancellations must be made in accordance with the conditions below and be received by us no later than 24 hours before the departure time of the original flight ticket.

o    Our product AFB + gives you the right to receive 80% of the value of the canceled flight ticket, including taxes but excluding the cost of our AFB + service and additional services (eg extra luggage, choice of seat, etc.). If the booking has previously been subject to changes that have resulted in an increase in the price of the flight ticket (eg voluntary date change, name change, addition of luggage, etc.), the value of the original flight ticket is calculated, without changes. When using AFB +, however, the value can never exceed SEK 25,000 per person or SEK 50,000 per booking, regardless of the value of the airline tickets.

o    You always have the right to cancel your flight ticket and receive payment regardless of the reason. Cancellation can also be requested for an individual passenger in the booking, in this case the refund value is calculated in proportion to the number of passengers who cancel. Cancellation can not be made for individual travel distances in a flight ticket

o    By using AFB + and canceling your booking / a flight ticket, you and your fellow passengers waive all rights to the travel documents that we have provided to the Service Provider. By purchasing the AFB + service, you accept that after your cancellation notification in accordance with the terms, we automatically acquire all rights to the flight ticket and the booking as well as the right to use these rights vis-à-vis the Service Provider.

o    AFB + cannot be used (in these cases the cost of the AFB + service is not reimbursed) if the Service Provider is unable to provide the Travel Service when they have been declared bankrupt or have otherwise paused or closed down their operations

o     If you want to use AFB +, you must contact RCG's customer service by telephone. Cancellation must be made during our opening hours and at least 24 hours before the original departure.