These cancellation insurance conditions are valid as of December 1, 2017. 

For whom does the cancellation protection apply?

The cancellation protection applies to the cancellation protection holder. All persons who cancel can be stated on the invoice when purchasing.

Because of the cancellation protection?

The cancellation protection applies to travel arrangements that are on the same invoice as the premium for the cancellation insurance.


The cancellation protection applies to the purchase of travel arrangements that are booked through the tour operator or travel service where the tour operator is the responsible travel agency. The maximum compensation is SEK 10,000 per person.

Cancellations must be made at least 12 hours before departure.

The cancellation insurance comes into force at the time of booking and expires when the journey begins. In case of cancellations outside our telephone hours, all parties must be contacted directly (airline, hotel and car rental supplier).

In case of cancellation with cancellation insurance and a valid medical certificate, the entire cost of the flight tickets is refunded for an administration fee of:

SEK 395 per ticket for travel within Europe.

SEK 595 per ticket for trips outside Europe.

Consumption costs such as rebookable ticket, baggage, cancellation insurance, bankruptcy protection, web discounts etc. are not refundable.

All travelers in the booking must have canceled cancellation insurance in order to be able to invoke this in case of cancellation.

Compensation can be made at:

- Deaths that affect the cancellation protection recipient, close relatives * or fellow travelers in the same booking.

- Acute illness or accident that affects the cancellation protection recipient, your traveling companion in the same booking or close relatives, who, according to a certificate from uneven treating doctor, is advised not to         carry out the planned trip.

- An unforeseen event occurs that causes material damage to the permanent homeowner in the cancellation protection holder.

The cancellation insurance is not covered by:

    - Disease, accident or injury diagnosed when signing the cancellation insurance.

    - Chronic diseases / infection conditions unless the person has been completely symptom-free / trouble-free six months before the time of booking.

    - Complications due to self-chosen procedures and / or treatments such as beauty surgery or other cosmetic procedures.

    - Mental illness.

    - Interventions or treatments that have been planned when signing the cancellation protection.

    - Diseases, accidents or injuries caused by abuse of alcohol, drugs, sleep agents, intoxicants or drugs.

    - Remuneration that can be obtained from other parties, ie other cancellation insurance or insurance.

    - No purpose of the trip.

    - Phobia for air travel (flight rescue).

    - Disease, accident or other consequence of pregnancy or childbirth.

    - In pregnancy during the third trimester, the 27th week of pregnancy.

    - Costs incurred as a result of the cancellation policyholder delaying the cancellation of the travel arrangement.

    - Additional arrangements for the trip that are not included in the confirmation.

    - If the cancellation protection recipient does not arrive in time for the trip or holds incorrect documents which means that cancellation protection recipients cannot / may travel.

What is requested by the cancellation policy holder?

    - The cancellation insurance only applies together with the Travel Center group's own medical certificate (see PDF at the bottom of the page) and sent to us no later than fourteen working days after cancellation.

    - The medical certificate must be filled in by the treating uneven doctor connected to the insurance fund and be certified with the doctor's name, contact details and stamp. If a stamp is not available, a copy of the doctor's ID must be attached.

The following information must also be included in the medical certificate:

    - Investigation date.

    - Survey results.

    - Diagnosis.

    - The disease / accident is acute and prevents travel.

    - Certificates / documents in original that may be of importance for the assessment of the claim.

      The medical certificate must state that the doctor explicitly advises against travel due to illness / accident.

      The medical certificate must be printed by an independent party in order for the medical certificate to be valid.

      The travel center group's medical certificate must be used and filled in by the doctor, other types of certificates are not accepted.

Force majeure

The cancellation protection provider is not responsible for any loss or damage related to nuclear nuclear reaction, war, war-like events, civil war, revolution, uprising or action by those in power who have unauthorizedly taken power or destruction through government intervention, strike, lockout, blockade and natural disasters.

* In this context, close relatives refer to the spouse's spouse, spouse, children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, grandparents and parents of a parent or person with whom the cancellation protection recipient cohabits under a marriage-like relationship, which must be substantiated by family inquiry from the tax authority or equivalent authority and only on Swedish or English language.

** Damage to the home must be substantiated by a police report or the home insurance damage report.