NOTE! Due to the high security requirements of the airlines, it is very important to fill in the correct spelled names of all travelers in the booking. This cannot be changed afterwards.

Name in the reservation

First name: enter all first names according to the passport.

Last name: enter all last names according to the passport.

You should not shorten your names or enter them as initials only.

If you are going to marry you must book your trip in the same name that you will have in your passport during the trip.

If you write the wrong name there is a risk that you have to buy new tickets without getting back the money for the wrong tickets.

The airlines do not allow transfers of tickets.

Misspelled names cannot be changed in eftehand.

Make sure that you have filled in all the information correctly. Note that the booking system removes all spaces and punctuation marks between the names, and that Å Ä Ü is automatically converted to AA AE OE UE

Please note that in some cases airlines may shorten the name or specify initials on the actual e-ticket. DOCK is this something the airline does according to current rules and thus you must fill in the names correctly from the beginning.

NOTE! Usually, the airlines do not allow name changes afterwards. Even if this were to happen, it would mean great costs for you as a traveler.