RCG Flexi Book - Changeable Ticket (AFB) 


Often, as per the airline’s rules, airline tickets cannot be changed or cancelled. 


However, if you during booking process purchase our service Flexi Book- Changeable Ticket (AFB), you can make changes regardless of the rules of the airline, when in accordance with our terms in the section General Terms below.


Flexi Book - Changeable Ticket (AFB) is RCG’s own product and does not require the tickets to be labelled as changeable by the airlines. For this reason, any changes to be made using Changeable Ticket must be made via our customer service department. The service is personal and non-transferrable.

Our product is only offered on flight bookings and allows you to change the date of departure or return and get help with free rebooking of your flight ticket regardless of the airline's rules, without having to pay our rebooking fees and / or airline fees according to terms and conditions in the sections below.


General Terms – Flexi Book – Changeable Ticket 

This product is offered only for flight bookings.

The service must be purchased and paid for at the same time as the trip is booked, and cannot be added on afterwards. 


If you wish to make a change to your booking, you must contact RCG’s customer service department by phone. Changes must be made during our opening hours and at least 24 hours before the original outbound trip. Changes shall not be final until RCG has confirmed them by email. RCG accept no liability for changes that are not implemented because the traveller did not contact our customer service department. 


When changing a booking, the trip must be completed within one year of the original date and time of booking.

The product Changeable Ticket permits change of a flight if seats are available at the same price level*. If there are no seats available at the same price level as the original ticket and the change will be for a more expensive ticket, the traveller shall be responsible for paying the difference and for any extra fees resulting from the change. Changes can only be made within the same airline.

*Within the same price level with the airline selected.

Terms and Conditions  Flexi Book - AFB - Changeable Ticket:

  • Applicable only for flight bookings
  •  Cannot be added on afterwards.
  • Cannot be used to change the destination of either the outbound or return trip.
  • The service cannot be used to change or correct names.
  • When changing a ticket, RCG accepts no liability for any additional services that may have been agreed directly with the airline.
  • The service only allows for one change, after which it is considered used.
  • Changing a ticket with a stop-over is not permitted.
  • Segments must be used in the order booked originally.
  • This service is personal and non-transferrable.
  • Upgrading the ticket to a higher price level for the same departure is not permitted.
  • The new trip must have been scheduled to be completed within a year of the original booking time and date.
  • RCG shall not be liable if the flight the traveller wishes to change their booking to is fully booked, making changing the booking to this flight impossible.
  • If the change results in a traveller no longer being entitled to a special price (e.g. an infant price ticket), the traveller shall pay the difference for the new ticket.
  • If cancelling a booking, the traveller will not be reimbursed for the product Changeable Ticket.
  • RCG shall not be responsible for information on visas if the trip is extended.